SNUBA® Upgrade

You can upgrade your Snorkel & Dolphin Adventure to SNUBA® adventure.

What is SNUBA? The best way to describe it is that while your on The Big Island it allows you to become a Scuba diver for the day!! After a brief class, because no certification necessary, we'll be under the water, cruising Hawaii's awesome reefs. You will marvel at the  hundreds of species of fish, beautiful coral, and the bounty of sea-life below its surface!

SNUBA allows everyone 8 years old and up to experience the incredible feeling of being underwater without all the hassle associated with learning to Scuba. If you can snorkel, you can SNUBA. Breathing and kicking your feet to move around are the only two requirements. It really is that easy!

First and foremost, you don't have to wear all the heavy, bulky equipment like Scuba. You wear a lightweight, comfortable harness and a weight belt. That's it! All the heavy stuff floats in the SNUBA raft at the surface.

Secondly, SNUBA allows everyone to stay at any level they feel comfortable without affecting anyone else. From the surface, down to your maximum depth of 20 ft it's up to you! For some guests, just knowing the raft is never farther than 20 ft offers a great since of security. Small groups of 6 go out at a time. And there is time for both Snuba diving and snorkeling.

Thirdly, there will be a guide under the water with you your entire 30 minute dive, guiding you around the reef, pointing out our incredible marine life. 

This adventure is a must-try experience! Accessible only by boat, the crystal clear water of these protected marine sanctuaries is home to more than 600 species of enchanting ocean wildlife. For beginners, we provide friendly instruction from our lifeguard-trained crew. Let us introduce you to the awe inspiring world of Hawaii's underwater paradise!

$74  for ages 8 and up!


Snorkling and dinner cruise - both awesomeOn our trip to the big island of Hawaii this March break my family took in the snorkling cruise and the historic dinner cruise. 

The snorkling cruise had a naturalist on board who talked about whales etc on the ride out. We stopped a couple of times on the ride out when we encontered whales to take pictures etc. The snorkling itself was amazing, a really beautiful spot over a coral reef with a pretty good drop off to deeper water (so between 5 feet at the shallowest to about 30 feet at the deepest in the area. They had good equipment, lots of flotation devices if you wanted them, the slide and jump tower from the boat. They also offered scuba and snuba upgrades if you wanted but we stuck to the snorkling. Lunch was plentiful and good food. 
The dinner cruise was also very impresive. Lots of interesting information as we sailed down the west coast ending in the bay with the monument to cpt Cook. In the bay during supper the were a number of packs of dolphins, I would say about 20 dolphins in total. I have seen trained dolphins in marine parks many times, it is really interesting to see that they behave much the same in the wild doing flips and jumps often in groups. Supper was very good, I enjoyed the food much better than at the top rated Luau we also attended at the Sheriton. Music on board during supper and the ride back was also great. 
Free parking was available at their office, just a 5 minut walk away. There was also free public parking just down the road as well.
First class all the way, thanks to the wonderful crew!

Visited March 2014  J-Mem