Humpback whale Breaching

ʻTis The Season

Every year from December to May, visitors have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the majestic kohalā, or humpback whale. Thousand of these gentle giants make a pilgrimage to Hawaiʻi Island from the Gulf of Alaska every year to give birth to their young in the warm tropical waters. Being privy to witnessing a breach one of these 40-foot long, 40 ton marine animals is a highlight for those lucky enough to have this experience.

Perfect Conditions

Hawaiʻiʻs crystal clear underwater visibility, and the Humpback Whaleʻs lack of natural predators, make the islands a perfect place to give birth to their calves. With population numbers of over 20,000, scientists estimate that about two-thirds of the North Pacific humpback whale population returns to Hawaiʻi annually. These gorgeous animals spend their days breaching, lunging, tail slapping and playing off the shores of Kona, and the best way to experience their magical beauty and massive power is to venture out onto the ocean with a tour boat like Body Glove with a knowledgable naturalist and tour guide. 


Humpback whale in pristine Hawaiian Waters

Variety of Marine Animals

Whale watching on Hawaiʻi Island is often filled with other surprise visitors as well. Spinner dolphins, manta rays, and an occasional shark or sea turtle might show up to say hello. Regulations require tour boats to stay a minimum of 100 yards from the whales, however they sometimes get curious and swim up to the boat faster than we can steer away. Because they are so enormous in size, they still look gigantic at a 100 year distance! Every tour is different and every day is different on the water. Some days the whales are friendly and curious, other day they tend to be a bit more shy. Because of Mother Natureʻs fickle nature, Body Glove offers a guaranteed sighting, so if there are no sightings on the whale watching trip,  visitors can come out again at any time with no expiration date.


Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin

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With a body the size of a bus and lungs the size of a sports car, whales can remain underwater for up to 45 minutes at a time, so you have to be ready for action because they can make an appearance than disappear in a flash. Whale watching is a must-do activity if you visit Hawaiʻi Island during whale season. Itʻs an adventure you’ll never forget! Make your reservation with Body Glove Hawaiʻi today for the experience of a lifetime!