• Where do you depart from?
  • What if I’ve never snorkeled before?
  • Do you have prescription masks?
  • Can I bring my own gear?
  • Do you offer SCUBA?
  • If I want to ride along and not participate, is there a special rate?
  • Do you offer wetsuits?
  • Can you accommodate Wheelchairs?
  • I have special dietary needs, can you accommodate me?
  • Will I get sea sick?
  • Do you have bathrooms or showers on board?
  • Is there any shade on your boat?
  • What should I bring with me?
  • Should I bring sunscreen?
  • Can we go ashore during our cruise?
  • Can you accommodate Cruise Ship passengers?
  • Will we see whales?
  • Will we see dolphins?
  • Where will I find free parking?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Where can I purchase Body Glove Cruises logo wear?

Where do you depart from?

We are located on the Big Island of Hawaii and depart from the Kailua Pier in the heart of Kailua Kona on the west side approximately six miles south from Keahole Kona Airport.

What if I’ve never snorkeled before?

We specialize in accommodating those who are new to snorkeling and non swimmers. We offer “Snorkeling 101” for beginners or those wanting a refresher course. Our location is a protected bay that offers calm pool like conditions and we offer an array of flotation water toys including: ski vests, life jackets, noodles, sea view boards, boogie boards and inner-tubes. Our Captain’s and Crew are First Aid, CPR and Life Guard certified. There are always at least 3 designated Life Guards who are on watch while anyone is in the water.

Do you have prescription masks?

Yes, we offer masks with built in prescription lenses ranging from -1.5 to -7.0 at no additional charge.

Can I bring my own snorkel gear?

We understand that some guests have their own gear and prefer to use it.  We do not object to guests bringing their own gear however, we do not allow full face snorkel masks to be used on our vessel due to the controversy regarding their safe use.

Do you offer SCUBA?

We offer Intro to SCUBA one tank dives for $116.38  and one tank dives for guests who are certified for $105.38.  Two tank options are available too!  All gear is included. (Taxes are included.)

If I want to ride along and not participate, is there a special rate?

For those that just want to go along for the ride and not participate in snorkeling, special “Ride-a-Long” rates are available.

Do you offer wetsuits?

Yes, we offer rental wetsuits. Our water temperature ranges from about 78 – 82 degrees. Most of our guests are comfortable with there swim suits or a rash guard to keep them from getting chilled, however we understand that some get chilled more than others and have these suits available for an additional charge of $8.00 for a wetsuit top and $12.00 for a shorty wetsuit. (tax included)

Can you accommodate Wheelchairs?

Yes, Body Glove Cruises is wheelchair friendly, our customized boarding ramp, with portable extensions accommodates all wheelchairs including manual, electric and scooters. The lower deck of the 65′ catamaran is fully accessible from bow to stern including tables and restrooms. We also limited handicapped parking on the Kailua Pier where we depart for our ocean adventures.  To obtain pier parking access please travel with your handicapped parking placard and when making your reservation let our team know your parking needs.  Passes are limited and issued on a first come and first serve basis.

I have special dietary needs, can you accommodate me?

For those requiring special dietary needs, we provide Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian requests at no extra charge with 48 hours notice.

Scheduled times and menu items are subject to change, based on season and items available.

Will I get sea sick?

The bigger the boat, the more stable it is. Our vessel is 65′ in length with a 30′ beam and the largest boat of its kind on the Kona Coast. It’s a totally different experience than being on a smaller boat or a raft. If you know you are prone to sea sickness, we recommend you take Bonine or Dramamine the night before and one several hours before your cruise. Please read directions to see that you are able to take this medication. We carry this on board however it is best to have it in your system prior to boarding. You more likely to feel better on the lower deck of the vessel as there is less pitch. We also offer complimentary Ginger pills and a Ginger drink which is great for motion sickness and it’s all natural.

Do you have bathrooms or showers on board?

Yes, we have three large bathrooms and 2 outdoor fresh water showers on our boat.

Is there any shade on your boat?

Yes, the Kanoa II has a lower and upper deck with plenty of shaded area as well as areas for sun bathing.

What should I bring with me?

For our snorkel dolphin adventure, we recommend you bring your suit, towel and sunglasses. If you wish to SCUBA, or wish to purchase cocktails or retail items such as underwater cameras or GoPros, we recommend you bring extra cash or a credit card. If you are joining us for our Historical Dinner Cruise, we recommend a light weight jacket and comfortable flat shoes. We accept all major credit cards.

Should I bring sunscreen?

No, unless you have medical reasons to use a specific brand. Body Glove Cruises is the first boat in the state of Hawaii to offer a “Reef Safe” sunscreen that does not harm the coral reef and stays on your skin and not in our ocean. We have several SPF pump stations on board for complimentary use.

Can we go ashore during our cruise?

No, in order to protect the sensitive coral reefs, marine shoreline and the safety of our guests no one is allowed to climb onto land. Each vessel will act as your private island allowing you to come and go as you please while you enjoy your day at sea.

Can you accommodate Cruise Ship passengers?

If you are traveling aboard Norwegian, Holland or Princess Cruise Lines , you will need to make your reservations through their Shore Excursions. Norwegian and Holland hold blocks aboard our cruises for you. If you were to book direct with us or other Activity Agents, we can not guarantee you will have priority for disembarking to make our cruise. If you are on any other Cruise Lines, you may make reservations directly with us.

Will we see whales?

The best opportunity to see whales is between late December and late March when the Humpback Whales migrate to Hawaii from the north Pacific. During that time of year, we offer daily Whale Watching cruises and guarantee sightings or come again Free! There are several other species of whales that live in Hawaiian waters year around and are occasionally seen during one of our cruises.

Will we see dolphins?

There is a 98% chance of seeing dolphins all year around from our boat as they enjoy riding our wake. On rare occasions they come to visit us at our snorkel location.  Dolphin sightings are guaranteed or come again for free on our Deluxe Snorkel & Dolphin Watch.

Where will I find free parking?

You are welcome to park for free at our office located one block away from the Kailua Pier. You may park at the Hotel King Kamehameha which is closer however they charge by the hour. If you require handicapped parking there are two stalls located in the cul-de-sac in front of the Kailua Pier but come early as they are used frequently.  We also have access to pier parking, however it is by reservation only and you must have a handicapped placard to obtain it.  Please ask one of our team members for more details when you are making your reservation for your ocean adventure.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy on all of our cruises. That means you can cancel your reservation without penalty up to 48 hours before your reservation date. Once inside the 48 hours prior to your tour, if you choose to cancel your reservation, you will still be responsible for payment in full.

Where can I purchase Body Glove Cruises logo wear?

You may purchase logo wear on your cruise aboard the Kanoa II, in our office in the Ilima Court Shopping Center (75-5629 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua Kona, HI 96740) or on the web https://squareup.com/market/body-glove-cruises-2.