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A Day in the Life of Our Boat During Whale Season

Ah, Hawai`i. For a 65-foot catamaran like me, there’s no better place to call home. I spend my days skimming across the surf, basking in the bright sunshine and carrying excited people to some of the prettiest places imaginable. Everyone aboard has a great time seeing all the beautiful wildlife that live near Hawai`i, from playful dolphins to curious schools of brilliant fish and gorgeous coral. If I had to pick, though, I’d say that my favorite time of year is whale season!

When Is Whale Season?

Every year, humpback whales make an astonishing journey of over 3,500 miles to visit the warm waters around Hawai`i. This is the perfect place for them to breed, calve and nurse their young. The whales like to use Hawai`i as a winter retreat before continuing on their journey, and the best time to see them is between December and March. That’s when thousands of whales—maybe as many as 10,000 of them—gather off Hawaii’s coastline, and it’s when I get to work!

What Do Whale Watchers See?

The lucky folks I get to take out on the water to see these gentle giants are in for a real treat. Humpback whales are large: adult males can be between 40 and 52 feet long, and they can weigh as much as 45 tons! But don’t let their size fool you—these whales are surprisingly graceful. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might get the chance to see a whale breach, launching itself out of the water and landing on its side with an enormous ker-sploosh! The crowd always goes wild when they get a look at that massive grey belly sparkling in the sun.

We’ll start our cruise just like sailors of old: keeping our eyes peeled for whales! When we spot the first whale spout (did you know they can blow air and water from their blowholes almost 15 feet into the air?), we get as close to the whales as we can so you can watch them frolic, feed, relax and raise their young. Our marine life naturalist can tell you all about what you’re seeing, from whales to spinner dolphins to sperm whales, manta rays, sea turtles and more. When we find whales, you’ll even get to listen to them sing to one another through our underwater hydrophones!
Want to Come Along?
Humpback whales are protected, because their species is endangered, but I make sure I get my passengers as close to the action as I can while respecting the animals’ need for space. I’m dedicated to protecting these magnificent creatures, which means letting them live their lives undisturbed. These whales make their home in the same place I do, in the waters around Hawai`i, and it’s important to treat them with the respect they deserve.

I always have a great time with all my new friends on board while we search for whales together. And boy am I good at finding whales! Between my good luck and our marine naturalists’ expertise, I’ll make sure everyone gets a chance to see a whale. If my luck runs out one day, don’t worry! I’ll make sure we see a whale, or invite you back for another cruise myself! The next time you’re in Hawai`i, join me!

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