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Our Commitment

To the Environment and Sustainable Tourism

At Body Glove Cruises, we are fully committed to providing a sustainably operated tour that conserves and nurtures our environment. We strive to become more sustainable now and in the future by continually re-examining our process to find new, innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

UILA (Energy)

Throughout our company we lessen our impact on the environment. Through the use of timers, Energy Star appliances, and a strict maintenance program on all of our equipment we ensure low energy usage company wide. The ‘Kanoa II’ is equipped with state of the art solar panels to help offset our fuel consumption and with a ‘no idling’ policy in place for deliveries, our partners help us keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

WAI (Water)

Being on the ocean everyday, we have a special appreciation for water as our most precious resource. In order to protect our water sources and all the life they contain, we’ve adopted the Coral Reef Alliance standards for all excursions and are Dolphin SMART compliant. We also offer complimentary reef-safe sunscreen for all guests. And to reduce water waste we have input low-flow sinks and toilets throughout the company.  Furthermore, we use bio-degradeble chemicals and plant based detergents to make sure nothing we utilize will harm the land and the ocean we love.

‘ĀINA (Land)

We are proud to be a business serving 100% plastic-free disposables. We compost our food scraps and recycle all plastic, glass, and aluminum in an effort to keep our contribution to landfills to a minimum.

We work closely with local farms, businesses, and establishments to bring a uniquely Hawaiian experience to all of our trips. From our produce to our liquor and beer, we try to serve items that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

We are proud to partner with Ocean Defenders Alliance!



Our goal is to help make a difference and pave the way for a brighter and cleaner future for our oceans. As advocates for environmental preservation, we invite you to participate in this hands-on experience that combines adventure, education, and making a positive impact. Call us today to see how you can get involved and be apart of the solution!

What We're Doing

Sustainable Cups

Drinks on a boat

Body Glove is proud to use fully sustainable cups from Vegware. The products are plant-based and made from renewable, lower carbon, recycled/reclaimed materials. This allows us to avoid using unsustainable plastic cups that contribute more to the plastic crisis.

Citizen Science

a whale jumping out of the water

Our naturalists, crew, and even guests have been contributing photos of the whales and dolphins seen during Body Glove whale watching excursions to record wildlife sightings and build a better understanding of these majestic creatures. To date, we have been able to help scientists identify 5 species of whales and dolphins and over 165 individual Humpback Whales! We have even been able to help scientists, and whales, by documenting Humpback Whales who are new to science.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

All Good sunscreen is reef safe, mineral based.

We were the first tour operator in the state of Hawaii to offer complimentary reef safe sunscreen on all tours, proudly doing so since 2008. You will find All Good sunscreen products both on our boat for your use and in our shop for purchase to use on your next trip to the beach! We trust their products because we know it it is reef safe and mineral based.

Over $11,000 donated to local sustainable initiatives.

380t of Carbon offset since 2019

Adopted Garden at Maka'eo Walking Path

Our Partners