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Dive-In With Body Glove’s New SCUBA Option!

There’s no better family vacation destination than Hawaii, but sometimes choosing one activity that everyone agrees upon can be challenging. Body Glove Hawaii has just made this decision much easier! The Kanoa II, Body Glove’s award-winning, multi-million-dollar catamaran now offers a new SCUBA option on their popular Dolphin and Snorkel Adventure Cruise.

Certified Divers can now enjoy SCUBA diving in Kona’s crystal-clear waters and marine preserves, while snorkelers of all experience levels can explore the island’s pristine underwater sanctuary.

Derrick Troch, an experienced dive instructor, has worked for Body Glove for nearly five years and is now leading the SCUBA dives.

“We want to cater to the entire family,” said Troch. “It’s not your typical dive boat that is strictly diving. This trip is designed with families in mind, so if you have father and son who scuba dive, but the mom and daughter prefer snorkeling, they can all enjoy doing their time on the boat and in the water.”

Another unique aspect of the cruise is that it offers something for beginning divers as well.

“We’re also offering DSD’s, which are discovery scuba divers, so people that have never experienced diving before will be able to have a chance to try it on our boat as well,” said Troch. “It’s a cool opportunity for people who are interested in diving and want to give it a try.”

Troch has 14 years diving experience, and is now living his dream in Kona working for Body Glove Hawaii. He is proud to be associated with a company who cares for the environment and takes active measures to ensure they are doing everything they can to protect the oceans and land.


“We’re really geared towards conservation efforts and we’re a very green company,” he explained. “Even the materials we use on the boat, like utensils and plates are all eco-friendly. In the future, we want to gear our dives toward coral conservation efforts and possibly conduct corral research while reintroducing coral back into our environment. Although it’s still in the planning process, it is what I am passionate about. I want to feel like we are making a difference.”

Troch feels fortunate to be a part of such an environmentally friendly company and loves to share his passion for diving with guests who come aboard the boat.

“It’s important for me to give our guests a great experience and introduction to the water,” he said. “I’ve taken a lot of people out that were apprehensive about diving at first, yet after they experienced diving with me, they were stoked on it and moved on to be certified divers and even beyond that. I’m excited to get the program up and running and I’m ready to go!”

For guests who haven’t been diving in a while and would like a brief SCUBA refresher course, the Deluxe Snorkel and Dolphin Watch is the perfect opportunity to update diving skills and go over the basics. Guests must be at least 12 years old, complete a PADI medical statement, be able to swim and float unassisted, understand and speak English, and wait at least 24 hours before flying or driving to high altitude such as the summit of Mauna Kea.

A delicious breakfast and lunch and dinner is included in this 4.5-hour cruise. Book your adventure today!

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