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Fun Dolphin Facts

Dolphins capture our interest like almost no other creature in the world. Their unique characteristics make them the personal favorite of people of all cultures.  They captivate and awe-inspire with their intelligence and playfulness. If you are so enamored, here are some neat dolphin facts for you to enjoy!

Not Just Ocean Animals

While most people believe dolphins to be creatures of the sea alone, there are also four species of dolphin in the world that are freshwater dwellers, all living in the rivers of South America and Asia. While these dolphins are much smaller than their saltwater counterparts—only growing to a length of about eight feet—they are unmistakably dolphins.

Killer Whales

Another common misconception is that the killer whale, or the orca, is, well, a whale. However, the killer whale is actually a type of dolphin, and the most powerful one at that. Eating other mammals such as sea lions, seals, and other whales, they’re usually found in cold waters. They’re one of the most social species of dolphin, and known to hunt in pods which contain up to 40 whale family members.

All Those Tricks and Flips

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii and gone on a dolphin-watching excursion, then you know that the dolphins in the waters of this state like to show off. The aptly named Spinner Dolphins are the type of dolphins that are known for all those above water flips and spins, and are found along the coast of Hawaii, as well as other parts of the world. In fact, we’ve seen one of these dolphins spin 13 times from our vessel!  Times like those make the spinner dolphin a crowd favorite.



An interesting thing about dolphins is that they’re actually named and distinguished in terms that are rather bovine. Females are referred to as cows, the young as calves, and the males as bulls.

2011 Discovery

While scientists had long believed that they had discovered all the species of dolphin out there, in 2011 an entirely new species was discovered in the Big City Harbor in Australia. The dolphin has been named the Burrnan dolphin, meaning “large sea fish of the porpoise kind.” Not only do the dolphins look different from Bottlenose dolphins, but they also have a different skull size. Because the species is thought to be relatively endangered, efforts are being taken to protect these dolphins.

The Familiar

The most popular and familiar type of dolphin is the Bottlenose. One of the largest types of dolphins, the Bottlenose can get up to 14 feet long. Bottlenose dolphins are the types of dolphins that you see in movies or at some aquariums. They’re usually found living in warmer, tropic waters, and can’t survive in colder ones. Additionally, they’re found in many parts of the world, including the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Unlike some other species of dolphins, these dolphins migrate much more frequently, usually for food or due to changes in water temperature.

What You’ll See With Body Glove Cruises

In Kailua Kona, HI, spinner dolphins are present in large pods all year around!  On our Deluxe Morning Snorkel and Dolphin Adventure, we guarantee you will see dolphins, or your party can come again free.  And now that you’ve studied, while on your cruise you can show-off your new found erudition!

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