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Protecting Our Oceans and Promoting Sustainability

Body Glove Cruises Designated a Kuleana Green Business!

Body Glove Cruises is proud to be recognized as a Kuleana Green Business by the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce. The Kuleana Green Business Program recognizes and honors businesses who promote environmental responsibility and implement sustainable business practices throughout Hawaii.

In Hawaiian, the word “kuleana” means responsibility. Businesses designated Kuleana Green are those who recognize and understand their responsibility to create and sustain positive environmental impacts within their communities. As businesses and individuals, they maintain high standards and a strong commitment to their communities and the world around them.

Extensive criteria must be met before being recognized as a Kuleana Green business, including environmental, social and economic sustainability. The business must prove responsible interaction with the environment that avoids depletion or degradation of natural resources, and their business model must allow for long-term environmental quality.

One way Body Glove Cruises implements their sustainability practices is by the elimination of plastic straws. Although small, plastic straws are seldom recycled. And while they make up a small percentage of ocean plastic, their small size makes them significant foes of marine animals. They are often consumed by fish and can become lodged in the nostrils of sea turtles. Body Glove Cruises uses only paper straws and educate their guests about not using plastic straws to help save the oceans.

According to the National Park Service, Americans alone use 500 million straws a day! Body Glove Cruises understands plastic straws are completely unnecessary and we don’t need straws to consume beverages.

Body Glove Cruises is also proud to be the only boat in the United States certified by the Green Restaurant Association. At Body Glove Cruises, we are passionate about sharing the natural beauty of Hawaii with visitors from around the world. Our company understands that their future success is dependent upon a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

Check out our eco-friendly vessel, the Kanoa II on one of our many daily cruises. All of our cruises boast first-class amenities on board our state-of-the-art, 65-foot catamaran. The Kanoa II is an award winning, multi-million dollar vessel designed with quality and comfort in mind. Our guests enjoy plenty of shade, cushioned seating, flat screen televisions, a full sound system for live entertainment, and our full-service premium bar. The Kanoa II is equipped with three restrooms, two fresh water showers, a 20-foot water slide, a 15-foot high dive platform, two large double swim platforms, and floatation toys for everyone. Our crew includes a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain, First Mate, licensed bartender, deck hands, and all of our crew is trained in first aid and C.P.R. All of our cruises are wheelchair friendly and kids 5 and under are always free.

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