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The Talent and Personality of Bruddah Kalima

Shawn Cantor, more affectionately known as “Bruddah Kalima,” shares his musical talent aboard Body Glove’s Historical Sunset dinner cruise every Wednesday through Saturday evening. He first picked up the ukulele at the tender age of eight years and is playing and singing ever since.

“My family is very talented, whether it’s playing an instrument or singing,” said Kalima. “Music has always been a part of my family. I started performing at a young age playing at parties with my family members. We’d all get together and sing and jam. I began performing public venues in my early 20’s.”

As a young man, Kalima started playing with a band by the name of “Mango.” The five-piece band got together and learned a set of songs, and performed at the Aloha Theater in Kainaliu.

“That was my first time playing on a public stage,” said Kalima. “We actually got paid for it too. You know, you can imagine being a young man, and it was like, ‘Wow, we got paid a 100 bucks a piece. It was awesome for that age.”

After a few years of performing with Mango, the band members went their separate ways and Kalima moved to the mainland where he took a break from performing.

“I kind of distanced myself from music,” he said. “Because I didn’t really know anyone there, and the music scene is very different, I just stepped away from music for a while and went into computer networking.”

In 2008 Kalima moved back to Hawaii and began working for Body Glove Cruises as a crew member.

“I moved back, I went and saw Maggie, the owner, and told her I need a job,” said Kalima.

He worked as crew for some time and was encouraged to start playing music again by other Body Glove employees.

“It was a little scary at first to represent myself and be the front man, but to make a long story short, Body Glove gave me the opportunity to perform on the historical cruise. I practiced enough songs to get the gig done, and made it happen. I think I did a good job, because everybody encouraged me to continue. That encouragement gave me the drive to pursue my musical career. So when they needed a full-time musician, I was there at the right moment. I’ve been performing on the boat for four years now.”

Kalima enjoys working with the other employees and meeting different people from around the world.

“Body Glove has great employees,” he said. I get to meet new people and see different faces every day. I also get to watch the sunset every night and see dolphins play almost every day. I love it all.”

You can meet Kalima and hear him perform every Wednesday through Saturday on Body Glove’s Historical Sunset Dinner Cruise. To book your cruise, visit

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